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College Readiness

Fortune School is committed to providing students the skills and training necessary to prepare them for success in a college preparatory high school. Fortune uses the Five Pillars as its lifeblood, setting its students on the path to obtaining a college degree and lifelong success. Our goal is to break the cycles of poverty, to get students from traditionally underserved populations to achieve this goal we understand that students and their families must buy into the idea of college. Fortune seeks to have them buy-in as early as transitional kindergarten. That is why, on the door for every class, there is a plaque that states those students’ anticipated year of college graduation. Every class year is referred to by this college this graduation year, reinforcing the importance of building a college-going community. Additionally, all students visit at least one college or university campus each academic year to help build the students’ excitement about college and to provide a tangible connection to higher education.